Individual Private Lessons:

Individual private lessons in practice facility:
Private lessons are perfect for the golfer who wants to hone their game with one-on-one instruction. In our practice facility you can focus on long game, short game, bunker play or putting.

Playing lesson:
The on-course instruction experience is very beneficial. Often a golfer’s swing feels great on the practice tee but after they make the hardest walk in golf, the walk from the practice tee to the 1st tee, their swing changes. One recorded swing on the practice tee isn’t a good representation of what happens on the golf course.

Group Private Lessons:

Group private lesson in practice facility:
Group private lessons are perfect for the golfer that enjoys learning and improving their golf game with friends.  Groups range from 2-4 participants and can focus on any area of the game.  You can spend your lesson working on your full swing, dialing in your short game, or making more putts.

Group playing lesson:
The group playing lesson is an enjoyable way to work on course management and scoring strategy. The group consisting of 2-4 people plays 9 holes in a scramble format.


Clinics are a great way for students to learn from each other, make new friends, and find new playing partners.  Clinics are a fun, low-stress way to learn the game in a 6:1 teacher/student ratio.  Clinics cover all areas of the game including full swing, wedge game, bunkers, and putting.